The Body Beautiful

Our culture makes my heart ache.  As a people, we are devastatingly deceived and misguided.

I write this for myself, for my mother, for my father.  I write this for my sweet babies.  I write this for all people everywhere, for we are all equal.  We are all the same.  We are all beautiful.

Beautiful one, I beg of you, love your body.  Love it now, for it deserves to be loved. Open your eyes and see your true worth, both inside and out.  The value of your body lies neither in its ability to meet any superficial aesthetic standard nor in its power to titillate the masses.  Such measuring sticks are nothing but meaningless, degrading distractions.  Human opinion has never been the equivalent of divine fact.  The competitive, condescending expectations of our culture that criticize your body are irrelevant, maintaining no bearing on truth.  And what is the truth?  The truth is this: your body deserves to be loved not for how it looks but for what it is– the glorious bearer of your soul. Your body deserves to be loved for the gift that it is, and for the profound treasure it cradles and shelters within.  Love your body, for it embodies you.


Love yourself.  Love all of you, every last inch.


You are worth it.


You are so. very. beautiful.

There is a breathtaking letter written by a woman named Rosie Molinary.  She teaches a class on body image and wrote a letter to her students entitled An Open Letter to my Body Image Students on Our First Day.”  Her words to her students are so tender, encouraging and inspiring.  Please take a minute to review her letter- it is well worth the read.

  2 comments for “The Body Beautiful

  1. Wendy
    July 16, 2014 at 1:57 am

    I like this topic. I read the “an open letter to my body image students on our first day” and then I noticed she wrote a book called ” A beautiful you” It sounds good and got excellent reviews. I just ordered it online! Thanks for helping lead me to thinking about this topic and finding what seems like a good book!


    • Tiamae
      July 16, 2014 at 5:38 am

      I didn’t know she had a book! Thank you for sharing that information!

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