Aunt Rachel’s

Eliana LOVES visiting Aunt Rachel’s… Mommy, is it time? No, baby. Now? No baby. How about now? No. Come eat breakfast. At Aunt Rachel’s?!?! No. Here. At Home.  I want Aunt Rachel’s food! I guess you’ll have to ask her for a snack when you visit, then. Right now?!? No, child. WHEN, then??? When Uncle Josh leaves for work, baby.… Read more →

Food (or Formula?) for Thought

Has anyone found the practice of life-long milk drinking alongside the advent of toddler formula to be an odd cultural double standard when it comes to scrutinizing the practice of extended breast feeding? Think about it for a moment: Our culture acknowledges the nutritional benefit of and encourages extended formula feeding until 24 months to “compliment toddler nutrition.” Our culture feels… Read more →

Negotiating Tight Closets

I currently have two young children sharing a small bedroom together.  They grow out of old clothes and into new ones every 3-12 months.  Thus, I find myself perpetually caught in the never-ending chore of reorganizing their closets.  Trying to get two wardrobes to fit into a closet the size of an Altoid tin can be a daunting task.  To… Read more →

The Joy of Daddies

As I watch Jonathan play with baby Alyssa, air drumming with her pudgy fists, flying her around the room super man style, and swooping her across the room to use her head as a battering ram against my love handles, it makes me smile. It never ceases to amuse me to see how men tend to play with their babies… Read more →

Out of The Mouths of Babes: Good Company

I can’t get enough of this kid! I was taking a shower and Eliana wandered into the bathroom. “Mama, can I stand right here at the door?” “Yes baby.” “Oh, good, mama, because I wouldn’t want you to feel all alone!” “Thank you, sweetheart!” “Don’t worry, mama, I would never, EVER leave you!” “Thank you, baby, that’s so sweet.” “Mama,… Read more →

Out of The Mouths of Babes: Prayer for Dada

“Dear Dod, pease be nice and not det tode out outside tuz my dada werting outside and detting vurry VURRY tode outside. Tant you for not detting my dada a-a-a-a-a-all tode! AAAAAAAAAmen!!!” Translation for those not fluent in Eliana’s toddler-ese: “Dear God, please be nice and not get cold out outside because my dada working outside and getting very VERRY… Read more →

Little Mirrors of Accountability

I have come to realize what crystal clear mirrors I have been given in my children.  They so innocently yet palpably reflect my attitude back to me, underlining both my strengths and deficiencies with precision accuracy.  It has been a tough lesson for me to look at them and honestly acknowledge my reflection when I don’t like the manifestation displayed before… Read more →

Vegetarian Tacos

My husband is a huge taco fan.  Every time we have tacos, he is a happy, happy man.  Unfortunately, I have thrown a wrench into his taco-loving bliss: I’m not much of a meat eater.  I never have been.  Due to health issues, my parents cut out all pork and red meat in our diets growing up, and we didn’t… Read more →

Taco Seasoning Recipe

I love making my own homemade taco seasoning.  It is cheap, fresh, rewarding, and fun to put together with the kids.  For a long time I looked online for a good recipe and ran across a number of mixes that were nice, but I never found one that was exactly what I wanted.  Thus, I decided to make my own… Read more →

The Body Beautiful

Our culture makes my heart ache.  As a people, we are devastatingly deceived and misguided. I write this for myself, for my mother, for my father.  I write this for my sweet babies.  I write this for all people everywhere, for we are all equal.  We are all the same.  We are all beautiful. Beautiful one, I beg of you,… Read more →

Ever Heard of “No-Pooing”?

I hate shampooing my hair.  I can’t stand washing my skin.  Why, you ask?  No, I’m not trying to pull off the grunge look.  It’s just that soaps hurt.  I have had sensitive skin ever since I was a kid.  I can remember once as a child when the shampoo actually left blisters.  My skin burns after applying almost any washing… Read more →

On the Mend

I recently made a post on repurposing an old incandescent light bulb for darning socks.  In a matter of days, a new crop of holes showed up in my husband’s socks which has kept me quite busy.  Wanting to post a video tutorial for those who are unfamiliar with darning, I took a minute to look for one online.  I’m… Read more →