Out of The Mouths of Babes: Fussy Britches

Eliana has me wondering, yet again, if it is safe to take her shopping with me… or anywhere in public, for that matter. You see, Alyssa has earned a new nickname. We have been calling her “fussy britches” lately because she has had such trouble with teething. The name just sort of organically manifested… I didn’t stop to think how it might be adapted by a two-year-old. Naturally, Eliana loves to explore┬ánew pet names to call the baby, so she loves the new name fussy britches. Every time the baby starts to cry, Eliana comes tearing through the house to console her, shouting all the way, “Oooooh, that fussy britches!!! Poor little fussy britches!!!” What’s wrong with this? Well, nothing, other than the fact that she can’t pronounce the “r” in “britches.” I cringe to consider the shopping trip where the baby starts to lose it and Eliana responds by hollering about fussing bitches… It could rival our last shopping experience when she couldn’t pronounce the “t” in “peanuts”…..

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