Out of The Mouths of Babes: Eliana’s Thoughts on Work and Food

Eliana’s conversation with dada:

“Dada, where are you going?”
“I’ve got to go to work, baby.”
“Oh… But why, dada? I want you to stay here and PLAY with me!!!”
“Well, do you like to eat?”
“YES, dada! I like food in my tummy VERY much!”
“I see. Well, dada has to work to be able to put that food in your tummy.”
“Oh, thank you, THANK YOU, dada!!!!
Eliana’s conversation with mama after dada goes to work:

“Mama, where is dada?”
“He’s at work, remember baby?”
“Oh! Yes! He’s working to put food in my TUMMY!!!”
“Yes baby, that’s right.”
“Mama, I think I need to go to work with dada.”
“Oh, really? Why is that?”
“Well, I think dada might need help. Some day baby Alyssa might get hungry too, and then he needs to put food in BOTH our tummies!”
“That’s very sweet of you, baby.”
“Yes, I know, mama, ’cause that’s a LOT of food!!!!!”

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