Oft-Forgotten Thanksgiving

Sometimes I get so caught up in my own issues that I have a hard time remembering to be thankful… not just for the things I really want but for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. All I have to do is read the news for 5 minutes to realize how much I have to be thankful for. I am shocked to be reminded of all the things I absolutely take for granted that people around the world are literally dying without. 20 minutes of reading the news tonight revealed:

****Eight-year-old Yemeni child bride dies on wedding night from uncontrolled bleeding and a ruptured uterus
–Thank you, thank you God, that we aren’t in a cultural/economic situation in which little girls are seen as property and married off early to men five times their age for the dowry–

****Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death in an “honor killing” for insulting the family name by marrying a man of whom her father did not approve.
–Thank you, thank you, God, that I was able to marry an amazing man, and I have an amazing dad who loves me unconditionally (and also loves my husband as his own son!) and would never ever think of stoning me and my unborn baby to death even if he didn’t like the man I married!–

****1,400 mothers around the world lose a child every day due to simple diarrhea
–Thank you, thank you, God, for clean water… clean water I am all too often ungrateful for and inwardly complain about every time I use it because it leaves rust deposits in my tub… But it is sweet water, potable, uncontaminated, doesn’t make us sick, and it is accessible in multiple areas of my home without having to so much as lift a finger to access it!!!

****95% of rapes and molestations in India occur because young girls and women don’t own a toilet and must find a place to answer “the call of nature” outdoors and find themselves in danger while looking for a secluded area to poop.
–Thank you, thank you, God, that I have not one toilet, but TWO in my home, complete with running water, in an air conditioned bathroom, with extra soft toilet paper and wet wipes at my fingertips. Forget the fact that the toilet seat is crooked on one of them and always flops to the side… Many women would be envious of the broken toilet I have… the toilet I forget to appreciate… the toilet that would do more than serve its primary purpose but also keep them physically safe… I so often see the one defect I dislike in my toilet, rather than all the wonderful benefits that are still present, blessing me every day!–

Thank you, thank you, God for all these blessings and so many more that I forget to see and appreciate every single day!  I know I have lost my perspective when I cannot see the affluent abundance all around me because of the minor irritations over which I tend to obsess.  I am so grateful for the wake up calls that bring me back to reality.

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