In Loving Memory of Grandma May

Other than my parents, my grandmothers were the most influential figures in my life.  My maternal grandmother, LaVera May (for whom I am named), invested much of her life in me, pouring countless hours of her love and attention into my life.  Not only was she caring, strong, dependable and generous, but she was also fiercely spiritual.  In fact, it is her spiritual fervor and passionate faith that has deeply influenced my own walk with God.

Two of the things I miss the most about grandma are her stories and her songs.  Thankfully, my parents had the foresight to have her stories recorded while her mind was still sharp.  On May 26th, 1997, my parents invited me to sit down with grandma and record some of our most beloved stories.  I am very thankful my parents were willing to include me in such a meaningful project.  I fondly remember that time with my grandmother as we chronicled her life and the lives of her family members through some very interesting chapters in history.  In honor of grandma May, I recently got together with my parents and digitized these recordings.  It is still a work in progress and I will continue to update this post until all stories are made available.  I hope you find them as interesting and enjoyable as I do.


Tom The Turkey


Chicken Sings “No Place Like Home”



Play Pen Peril


Strange Rock Fungus


Grace’s Rattle Snake Dilema


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