What Does Love Taste Like?

We had an off-beat morning today.  We missed the morning service at church, so I planned to take the girls to the evening service.  I had to pick something up on the way, and the errand took longer than expected.  And of course, the girls were hungry.  Realizing that it would practically be bedtime by the time we made it… Read more →


As far as I am concerned, artisan bread is the best culinary creation on the face of the planet. If I could get away with it, I would live on artisan bread alone. Everything about it hits the spot- the heavenly aroma; the irresistibly crunchy crust; the soft, moist, chewy center; the delectably hearty flavor with a slightly tart twinge… It… Read more →

The Magic of Cashew Milk

I can remember my mother making fresh cashew milk in the morning when I was a kid, and there wasn’t anything better!  I love the flavor and consistency of cashew milk.  It is rich and creamy, slightly nutty, and unusually smooth.  I love the fact that you can get a very creamy, smooth product without having to strain any fibrous… Read more →

Out of The Mouths of Babes: Prayer for Dada

“Dear Dod, pease be nice and not det tode out outside tuz my dada werting outside and detting vurry VURRY tode outside. Tant you for not detting my dada a-a-a-a-a-all tode! AAAAAAAAAmen!!!” Translation for those not fluent in Eliana’s toddler-ese: “Dear God, please be nice and not get cold out outside because my dada working outside and getting very VERRY… Read more →

Ever Heard of “No-Pooing”?

I hate shampooing my hair.  I can’t stand washing my skin.  Why, you ask?  No, I’m not trying to pull off the grunge look.  It’s just that soaps hurt.  I have had sensitive skin ever since I was a kid.  I can remember once as a child when the shampoo actually left blisters.  My skin burns after applying almost any washing… Read more →

On the Mend

I recently made a post on repurposing an old incandescent light bulb for darning socks.  In a matter of days, a new crop of holes showed up in my husband’s socks which has kept me quite busy.  Wanting to post a video tutorial for those who are unfamiliar with darning, I took a minute to look for one online.  I’m… Read more →