Out of The Mouth of Babes

“Look, Grandma!”

Jonathan and I picked up a neat trick from his aunt, Mica.  Because pointing can sometimes be an awkward or offensive gesture in public, depending on the circumstances, Mica has taught her children to “show” with a gently extended arm and an upturned palm, rather than point with an extended index finger.  After a number of interesting encounters in public… Read more →

Aunt Rachel’s

Eliana LOVES visiting Aunt Rachel’s… Mommy, is it time? No, baby. Now? No baby. How about now? No. Come eat breakfast. At Aunt Rachel’s?!?! No. Here. At Home.  I want Aunt Rachel’s food! I guess you’ll have to ask her for a snack when you visit, then. Right now?!? No, child. WHEN, then??? When Uncle Josh leaves for work, baby.… Read more →