Sweet, Motorcycle-Riding Hubby

You know your husband loves you when he installs a sissy bar and buys you a helmet for Christmas so you can ride the motorcycle with him…  You know just how endearingly excited he is about the whole thing when he hands you the helmet in the kitchen and asks if you want to wear it while you cook dinner 🙂 Read more →

In Loving Memory of Grandma May

Other than my parents, my grandmothers were the most influential figures in my life.  My maternal grandmother, LaVera May (for whom I am named), invested much of her life in me, pouring countless hours of her love and attention into my life.  Not only was she caring, strong, dependable and generous, but she was also fiercely spiritual.  In fact, it is… Read more →

Food (or Formula?) for Thought

Has anyone found the practice of life-long milk drinking alongside the advent of toddler formula to be an odd cultural double standard when it comes to scrutinizing the practice of extended breast feeding? Think about it for a moment: Our culture acknowledges the nutritional benefit of and encourages extended formula feeding until 24 months to “compliment toddler nutrition.” Our culture feels… Read more →

The Joy of Daddies

As I watch Jonathan play with baby Alyssa, air drumming with her pudgy fists, flying her around the room super man style, and swooping her across the room to use her head as a battering ram against my love handles, it makes me smile. It never ceases to amuse me to see how men tend to play with their babies… Read more →

Little Mirrors of Accountability

I have come to realize what crystal clear mirrors I have been given in my children.  They so innocently yet palpably reflect my attitude back to me, underlining both my strengths and deficiencies with precision accuracy.  It has been a tough lesson for me to look at them and honestly acknowledge my reflection when I don’t like the manifestation displayed before… Read more →

A Healthy Dose of Perspective

I wrote this a few months back because I had lost my perspective and needed to recover a balanced frame of mind as to why I do what I do, day in and day out.  On occasion, I pull it out again and review it as a reminder when I realize I’m starting to lose track of my true purpose.… Read more →