In The Kitchen

The Magic of Cashew Milk

I can remember my mother making fresh cashew milk in the morning when I was a kid, and there wasn’t anything better!  I love the flavor and consistency of cashew milk.  It is rich and creamy, slightly nutty, and unusually smooth.  I love the fact that you can get a very creamy, smooth product without having to strain any fibrous… Read more →

Homemade Greek Seasoning Recipe

Once I realized I could re-purpose Parmesan cheese lids as shaker tops on my mason jars, I began making my own homemade seasoning mixes and never looked back!  It is so rewarding to exercise your creativity and handcraft your own mixes with the ability to cater to your family’s specific tastes and dietary needs.  You can adjust the sodium and sugar levels,… Read more →

Vegetarian Tacos

My husband is a huge taco fan.  Every time we have tacos, he is a happy, happy man.  Unfortunately, I have thrown a wrench into his taco-loving bliss: I’m not much of a meat eater.  I never have been.  Due to health issues, my parents cut out all pork and red meat in our diets growing up, and we didn’t… Read more →

Taco Seasoning Recipe

I love making my own homemade taco seasoning.  It is cheap, fresh, rewarding, and fun to put together with the kids.  For a long time I looked online for a good recipe and ran across a number of mixes that were nice, but I never found one that was exactly what I wanted.  Thus, I decided to make my own… Read more →

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

One of my favorite flavors to use in savory dishes is a good dose of Jamaican jerk.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing quite so enticing as this robust, complex, full-bodied seasoning which was originally developed as a dry rub or marinade for preserving meat smoked over an open pit (traditionally of allspice wood).  The history of this seasoning… Read more →